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Wish You Were Here

There always manages to be a place we wish we were...

Whether this pertains to a location, an event, or an experience, we start to paint a vision of what it would look like and we start to make this vision appear flawless.

This is a fantasy we start to create and many of times, it ends up making us feel less happy with what it is we currently have or where we currently are.

I don't know about anyone else, but I used to be a control freak. I tried to do anything and everything I could to make sure things turned out a certain way. Clearly this is not something that panned out very often since life has a funny way of throwing up a lot of "Pop Quizzes."

...So where is "here?"

I want to take you guys through a little bit of a reflective journey.

Do you remember when you were little what you envisioned your life to look like when you grew up? Did you picture your wedding? How many kids you would have? Where you were living? What your house looked like? What you did for a living?

...Now is that where you ended up? I think it is safe to say it isn't. This then triggers thoughts of regret, guilt, sadness, or even bitterness. The life in that fantasy is always perfect.

It is always easier to venture into thoughts of what things could have been like than having to face the fact that it just didn't end up that way. Our expectations destructed our actual outcomes, leaving room for a great deal of disappointment.

As I sit here thinking of the countless visions I've placed in my own mind of what my life was supposed to be like or what it should look like, I can't help but recognize that I stopped placing such an expectation on much of anything.

Despite much grief, series of unfortunate events and circumstances that caused a ridiculous amount of heartbreak, life has also taken me to some pretty freakin cool places that my fantasy world never would have dreamed up.

When someone asks me where I picture myself in 5 years, I honestly can't even think of anything. I have no idea where I am living, who I'm with, if I've created a family, or if I'm still rockin out on the Singles Train.

...and ya wanna know what's awesome?

I'm totally okay with it. I've gotten punched in the mouth pretty hard in my life and even as of very very recent. I'm sure you have as well...and my heart goes out to you on that.

But ya wanna know what else? I've also experienced the best days of my life in between all of that.

...have you taken a chance to appreciate what great things sprinkled in there for you?

Life is always going to throw bad in with the good. It will knock you down, it will launch you crazy high, and then it will do it all over again.

What I've learned with all of this is that no matter where you are, what you do, who you are with, as long as you are alive, you will always have the chance to go wherever life is going to take you.

So I'm HERE.

...Where are you? Where do you want to be? Where have you been? Where are you going?

To me, "here" is happy. Even in the moments being "here" doesn't feel fabulous, it is beyond appreciated. I trust it.

I used to chase after "here." I couldn't find it. I always wanted to be somewhere else...someone else.

I would achieve something OR fail at something and then go right back to chasing something else...never feeling happy.

I'm glad I kept chasing. I'm glad I got lost. I'm glad I broke down.

It was there, that I was able to finally learn how to be here.

I really wish for you be here. Please join me.

I promise you that here is exactly where you need to be.

Need help finding out to get here? I'm here to guide you.

Click the link below to be on our way:

With Love and Guidance,

Coach Jayme

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