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This Is How You'll Win This Holiday Season!

The holiday season always seems to be such a chaotic time of the year. Everyone is always in a rush, has tons of stuff to do and seem to carry a great deal of depression and/or anxiety.

We know and love the season for all of the giving that takes place, the time we get to spend with those we love, and the mentality to let us binge on all of the good stuff because we will be "starting fresh" for the New Year in just a few short weeks.

The holidays also make us feel miserable because many get overwhelmed by all of the places they have to go, the money they "have" to spend, and the negative family members or friends they need to put a happy face on for.

Naturally, it has us mentally all over the place. So much good and so much stress all crammed into one month.

So let's dig a little deeper, because this wouldn't be a Coach Jayme post if not!!!

How can we make this year different? What can we do? How can we view this?

First and foremost, we need to become more aware of when we get frazzled by the chaos. The sooner you place awareness on this, the quicker you can shift it. When you catch yourself about to flip, take a moment and just breathe. When we get super caught up in the busyness of it all, we forget to actually enjoy the parts of this season that actually bring us joy. We don't spend much time being very present and enjoying the time with those we love and care so much for.

Life is going to keep moving no matter what and as much as people want to push on this, YOU have the choice. How much of this time will you actually embrace? You will be exhausting energy either way, so make this year and this season different. Start by being more aware of when you get too caught up in the chaos and force yourself to just slow down. Even if just for a few moments.

Those family members that seem to stress you out? They still love you.

Those friends that seem to be just as busy as you are? They still care for you.

That money that you don't have to be spending that's stressing you? You obviously are wanting to spend it because you want to give to those around you, not because you have to.

All of those places you have to be? Be thankful you have a place to go.

That work that still needs to get done while you would rather be off? Be thankful you have a job.

Start viewing it differently. Have you actually stopped this holiday season to just breathe in the air around you? Really take a look at the decorations? Really feel the love that this time of year brings? If you are feeling alone, have you actually taken a moment to appreciate those that you DO have instead of being upset for those that you don't?

This alone, will help you win this holiday season, but I want to go even a bit further.

Instead of letting yourself go because you are surrounded by tons of food and beverages that you will be over-indulging, be disciplined to keep some form of structure.

Create an organized plan each and every day.

Write a to-do list, plan ahead some more nutrient-dense meals to keep you feeling better. Whether you enjoy this type of food or not, there's no denying that it makes you feel more energized and better than too much sugar or alcohol. Create some balance here rather than just chalking it up as a loss because you keep eating the holiday foods. Keep it in moderation.

Go to bed on time. With that same plan you have in place, schedule the time you need to get some shopping done or that time to take part in the holiday entertainment. Set the intention to go to bed and not just lie in bed on your phone. Get good rest and this will help you feel more prepared to take on the next day.

Write down your worries.

I always stress how important it is to "clean out the attic," also known as, organize the thoughts in your brain.

I promise you that you will relieve so much of your stress when you make it a point to actually write out what seems to be worrying you so much during this time. Seeing it on paper allows you to recognize that it truly isn't something you can change and because you see it in front of you, you are more likely to let go of it, rather than leaving the "junk" piling in the attic.

Lastly, remember to laugh. When you catch yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, stop for a moment. Allow yourself to keep joy in your heart. Have a conversation with someone who always seems to make you smile. Lighten the mood and just laugh. It not only will help you feel better, but it is contagious. It can lessen the tension with everyone around you which will help everyone move forward with more ease.

Thank you for taking the time to read how you can make this holiday season different. Make this year more enjoyable. Make this year more grateful. Focus on the good and the magic that lies within this holiday season. Embrace it. May God bless you and your circle this holiday season!

Also, stay tuned. Santa has a gift coming for you!

May this gift bring you GREAT value and encourage you to continue to carry this new view into the New Year!

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

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