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The Reason To Shift

If there is anything that we can guarantee to be constant in this life, it is that change will always be happening. It definitely can be a good thing, can be scary, and can also be extremely difficult. No matter what, it is going to keep happening whether we are ready for it or not and whether we like it or not.

When we fixate on what has happened and we keep telling the same story over and over again, this can lead to a lot of frustration, hurt, bitterness and feeling stuck.

"There's no sense in going back to yesterday, I was a different person then." - Alice from Alice in Wonderland

When we get stuck in telling the same story over and over again, we limit the ability of knowing the story from a different angle. Not only do we limit our perspective, we also paralyze from moving past the situation.

Let's go with a super common example that I believe many would be able to relate to...

When you tell yourself you can't do something over and over again because one time you tried it and you couldn't do it, be prepared to never be able to do it or ever creating the willingness to try again.

BUT-let's change the story and shift the perspective....

Instead of being satisfied for NOT being able to do it, think of how you've grown and what you've learned SINCE that time you tried and failed. If you can pull yourself out of the story and see what circumstances could have influenced WHY you weren't able to do it or what you didn't know at the time that you do now, you are now able to try again but this time, do it differently.

It sounds so much easier than it actually is, but I promise you that it's crucial in the overall fulfillment you have in life.

When I reflect back to things that happened to me that were painful, unfair, embarrassing, etc., I challenge myself to view it from a different perspective. Not only am I able to learn more about myself, but I also free myself from unnecessary thoughts that keep me from enjoying where I am now and who I am now.

Here's another example for you....

One of the lowest points in my life was when I tried to kill myself.

For a long time, I carried a lot of guilt for putting those that loved me through that. I carried a lot of regret for handling the situation the way that I did and was super ashamed for letting myself think that ending my life was the only option. I felt weak. Pathetic. Undeserving. I would get really nervous when something would trigger those memories because I would let my thoughts spiral out of control and would relive that memory all over again.

-And it felt the same as it did the day it happened.

Then one day, I decided to CHANGE the story.

I overcame that old version. I realized it was important to not turn to alcohol to try and cope with what didn't feel good in my life. When I would turn to alcohol, I would lose all sense of control by drinking excessively and making even poorer of decisions.

I realized that I was strong enough to move forward, even though there were many days I didn't feel like I was.

I learned to view each day from a space of gratitude that I was still here to make a difference.

I learned that I wasn't the only person who has ever felt that way and the love I had for those in that same headspace was so overwhelming, I KNEW I had to make it a priority to show why they deserve to be here, too.

I changed the narrative.

I chose to challenge my perspective and uncover other emotions and outcomes that came from that very story that I used to tell so differently.

My hope is that whoever is reading this, even if it is just one of you, will be encouraged to shift their perspective and change their story as well.

Do not let yourself be imprisoned to your old way of thinking. You are NOT that person anymore. Things are NOT the same as they were then. You are stronger now. You are wiser. Your circle is different. Your circumstances are different.....IF you CHOOSE to recognize it!

So before signing off, I want you to know that even if you are in a season you've never been before and you feel you cannot get out, this storm too shall pass....and WHEN it does, you can look back and learn from it. You can be thankful for what it taught you and just how much it conditioned you for future seasons.

I also want to encourage you that if you are holding onto those stories of the past and letting that determine your current season, change your narrative. Try and find a new way to tell that story and find the beauty in the mess.

You are loved. You deserve more. Life IS good...It's time to focus on that side of the story.

And as always, if there is ever anything I can do to help you along this journey, please reach out and schedule your complimentary discovery session with me today!

With Love and Encouragement,

Coach Jayme

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