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The Bridging of the Journey definitely takes you on an adventure, doesn't it? There are so many twists, turns, bumps, foggy patches, sunny days and re-routes!

For those that have been following my last couple of blog posts, there had been a massive decision I spoke about.

Well..I made it.

...Then I changed my mind.

Then I made it...and then I changed it again.

The decision has now officially been finalized and as I turn the page and start a new chapter in the Book of Jayme, I can't help but sit here and reflect what all this has taught me already.

Realization #1:

I really was living in comfort.

I always was claiming that I am comfortable with being uncomfortable, but when I initially was making the decision, I was able to come up with many of excuses as to why I shouldn't do it instead of choosing to see all of the opportunity that lied within actually stepping out of my comfort zone.

I justified ways I was still doing "the uncomfortable," rather than recognizing how much I was backing myself into a I didn't have to get uncomfortable.

I was searching for things to say that made me "uncomfortable"...when really, it was discomfort I had already been adjusted to and dealing with for awhile now.

Realization #2:

My heart was screaming what it wanted all along, but I also knew that it would require leaving a BIG part of Jayme behind.


I loved who Jayme had become.

She had already grown so much...changed so much. She was already an entirely different woman than she was just even three years ago. Why would I want to shed this skin I had grown into and appreciated?

The Bridge.

My final realization. Life is a journey that will take us on a route that we never can predict or fully plan for.

I started thinking about the "city" I came from...who I was..where I had gone..

I had "moved" to a new location...adjusting to a new area.

...but as I was driving, I approached a large body of water.

I had a choice.

Do I stay in the "city" I'm in or do I choose to travel across that body of water to continue on to my next stop?

I chose to build my bridge.

I trusted the foundation that had already been laid of who I had become and the knowledge/experience I had gained, to be sturdy enough to get me across to the other side. There is so much more potential that lies ahead...I can't just turn around and go home now.

Plus at least now that I've built this bridge, I can always travel back if the journey calls for such a thing.

So now I bring this to all of you in hopes of some inspiration, motivation or encouragement.

As I've said before, we never truly know which is the right way to go, but I do believe that we always end up at the destination we are supposed to one way or another. Sometimes, we end up being able to take the shorter route. Other times, we just happened to take the scenic route.

As I'm currently en route across my bridge to the next rest area, I want you to ask yourself the same things I did.

*Are you too comfortable? When was the last time you actually took a risk and stepped outside of your comfort zone?

*What is your heart really saying to you? Are you making excuses and justifying? Are you feeling a constant battle between what your heart and mind are telling you?

*Have you hit a body of water on your travels? Will you choose to turn around and go home? Will you build a bridge? What does that city look like for you across the way?

For those still curious what the decision was, stay tuned while I continue across my bridge!

Thank you as always for your time and support!

...And of course, if you need some help with programming your internal GPS, please reach out and let me help you on your journey to happiness, abundance and success!

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

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