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Taking the Road Less Traveled

"If you wanna be somewhere you've never been, you have to do something you've never done."

-Maybe some famous quote or did I make that up?

For those of you that have kept up with this journey I've been on, it's time to enter the next chapter! For those of you that are just tuning in, don't worry, there's still some adventure to be read and value that will hopefully be presented to you. You can also search through some previous blogs to catch up.

To do a quick refresh, just over a year ago, I was faced with a massive decision. I was torn. It was pretty much equal of the pros and cons for both scenarios...and although two times I made the decision, which was turning down the opportunity to move to a new state that I'd never been, take on a corporate role (which I'd never worked for corporate in my entire life), and stay back in the state I had been, with a relationship I thought was going to be "the one" and life would be good.

The third time, the opportunity presented itself again and it was finally decided that I would take the leap of faith that this is what I was supposed to do.

I was scared shitless, yet I still remember the moment so perfectly.

TWO DAYS before moving, I signed the lease on an a state separate from where my job was and I knew NOTHING about the area. I gave away everything that I owned, loaded up my dog and drove ten hours to my new life.

The sun was out the entire drive. The drive consisted of jamming out to every genre possible...taking in all of the gorgeous views along the way. I felt so many emotions...I had reflected on so much leading to this point. It honestly didn't even feel like it took that long to get there. Everything flowed. I felt so….at peace.

Everyone was so friendly, I felt safe, excited and ready. I embraced it all. It was wonderful.

Not even a week later, I had decided to make a drive back home, which let me tell ya, felt like it took WAYYYY longer than my incredible journey getting to my new destination!

It was probably one of the best holidays I'd ever experienced with my family. I viewed it so differently and really appreciated my family for who they were, what they taught me, and just how much they meant to me.

The experience also consisted of getting dumped by the person I thought I was going to spend forever with and taking the "drive of shame" back to my new home.

I couldn't wait to get back.

My new home...felt so much more like home for deep in my soul.

I felt welcomed. Understood.

...but more than anything, I felt like I was right where I needed to be.

Despite that and some other unfortunate circumstances that arose, a death in the family and a very dear friend trying to take their lives, all while I was miles away, I was still very much at peace in my new environment.

I was grateful. I was happy.

...but I was burnt out.

Within just a couple of months, so much had happened. My corporate role proved to be everything I knew it would be...which is everything I said no to in the first place...but I knew I was being groomed. I was put here to learn something. It was part of the journey. It was necessary for the process.

As if that wasn't time consuming and exhausting enough, I was still directing an entire program for the state of Ohio, planning a retreat in another country AND trying to grow my coaching business. Not only that, I was grieving more than I ever actually allowed myself to realize.

I needed to do something. While in Panama for the retreat, I had made up my mind. This was too much. I had grown so much and was so happy. I was becoming clearer on who I was, what I was called to do and above all else, what I needed for ME.

...which let me tell ya...that was hard for me. I hated making something about me. I felt guilty for thinking of me and what I wanted.

Then, COVID hit. Freaking out thinking I wasn't even going to be able to make it back into the country, I was forced to work my corporate role from home.

This was doable. I can manage this. I thought.

The burnout game kicked in real hard here.

I was putting in even more hours in than I did before. I was stuck in a small apartment with just my dog. Keep in mind, I do not own a TV and have zero furniture other than my bed. I never saw the point. I was always working, at the gym or out exploring. There was never a need.

I was isolated in complete silence, feeling just as empty as this apartment. My health started to deteriorate.

Being a mindset coach, I kept lessening what was happening. I thought I was focusing on staying positive when in reality, I was avoiding what my heart was trying to tell me.

Although exhausted, I worked so fucking hard on myself. I am huge on personal development but it was juiced on steroids at this moment. I dug through some really heavy shit that I had ran from for a very long time. I was forced to go toe to toe with all of my inner demons...the parts of me I ran from...the parts I hated about weaknesses, vulnerabilities and above all else, the parts I was in denial of.

I decided it was time.

I stood on the edge of the cliff...I've been in this place before. I have jumped before, I can do it again.

So...I jumped.

I left a corporate position with a guaranteed check in the middle of a pandemic to focus on all that I have been building for so long. I started silencing the inner voices of self doubt, but also started cutting off those that were holding me back from all that I knew I was capable of.

I took that leap of faith.

It was even scarier than the last jump. I barely said anything to anyone. I envisioned every possible scenario of what it would look like to fall on my face.

...but I also looked at the opposite side. I was miserable. I was drained. What I was doing was destroying me so I had to figure something out. although scared shitless, I jumped.

It was exhilarating. I felt free. I peace.

There have been some rocks I've crashed into on the way down, but man, it has felt so good.

So this brings me to now.

I've stopped on another ledge. I've worked through some more heavy shit. I've grinded away to show up and continue to be the best coach I can be and I've reflected on what is to come.

...well...I've come to another decision. I've gotten pretty ballsy over these last couple of years!

...I've decided to take another leap...this is getting insanely fun I must say!

I've decided to jump to the next level of Jayme and trust that this journey is going to continue to allow her to make an even greater impact and truly become much more than she has already become.

Don't worry, Coach Jayme is still very much in effect. She's just upleveling.

Alright, I'll stop talking in third person but real talk, I'm not going anywhere...well...I'm going somewhere but not as anyone other than Coach Jayme.

I'm big on being a product of the product and if I'm not willing to roll up my sleeves and get to work, why would my clients ever trust I could help them?

So I'm growing. I'm jumping.

I'm taking the road less traveled...

"If you wanna be somewhere you've never been, you have to do something you've never done."

-Maybe I'm wrong, but I seriously think I made this quote up! Lol

Stay tuned, y'all! 😘

Oh! By the way…

If you are currently facing some major decisions, struggling with who you are or are feeling insanely stuck in your life, please reach out.

Always remember that whatever you want is truly possible and sometimes, it just takes a little extra support to help get you there!

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme 💖

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