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Stop Looking Back...You're Not Going That Way!

We are all notorious for carrying around far too much baggage. It's exhausting, isn't it?

In my last blog, I touched on the concept of "cleaning out the attic,"aka, start organizing the thoughts in your brain and remove the junk that doesn't need to be sitting up there!

Pain. We all have experienced it.

We all hold onto the memories of what that felt like. That's totally normal. If we didn't keep some form of that memory, we would repeatedly keep putting ourselves into that pain, learning nothing from it.

The difference here lies with how you use this as a tool that would help improve your sense of well being and become better as an individual.

Are you looking back on that scenario, playing out what "should have" happened? What you "wish" you would have done? Are you blaming someone for what they "did" or "didn't" do in that moment?

Let me check you right quick.

That is all irrelevant. For one, we clearly can't travel back into time, so why are we wasting our energy trying to envision these alternative outcomes?

Stop wasting your energy living in guilt, shame and regret.

You are not the same person now as you were then. You've learned. You've lived. You've grown.

Instead of dwelling on the things you cannot change, shift your focus to what happened AFTER the event. What did it teach you? What can you do differently? What boundaries have you now set?

Be mindful.

Stop looking back to what had happened then, you aren't there anymore.

Live. Learn. Grow. Repeat.

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

Need help working through these moments that seem to have such a hold on you? Not sure how to release these feelings?

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