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Perception of the Virus

As if we don't hear about this enough on a daily basis, I just really wanted to share my perception on the whole thing regarding this virus which may be a little different from what many of you are used to seeing.

So before I start, I do want to state that this is my perception, and that I by no means am trying to lesson the severity of the situation or am trying to get into a fighting match with anyone pertaining to that. I respect the way it is being handled and am taking it seriously, but just want to be able to express my thoughts around this from an even bigger standpoint.

With that being said, thank you for reading this and not seeing it as a jab at anyone who sees or views it differently. I am just hoping to be able to share this and release a positive message while challenging your way of thinking.

...Here we go!

Life has definitely changed dramatically for us all is such a short period of time. I had attended "Virtual Mass" last Sunday and there was something that stuck out to me in a very profound way from the message.

The pastor said, "We are all weathering the same storm, but that's not going to make anyone feel better. We may all be in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat."

Wow. I had been feeling this way but didn't have quite the words to put it in.

This is a major storm that we all happen to be in. Some of us are riding through this storm in a battleship, while some are trying to keep their canoe up right to hang on during this storm.

....but I want to go a little deeper now.

We all are going through storms...all of the time.

This isn't the first time a massive outbreak has happened. This isn't the first financial crisis that has struck households. Yes, it is striking many all at the same time, but what about all of the natural disasters? Those that have lost their jobs due to other unfortunate circumstances? What about those who were forced to move or were unable to see those they love and care about? What about those being diagnosed with cancer? Those who die in accidents?

It's scary. It's serious.

But we always overcome. It gets figured out. We fight.

I understand that there is a large amount of people all being impacted by this at once, but why are we giving so much power to this virus?

I'm not saying to not take it seriously about staying at home or not to be mindful of your hygiene.

I'm asking, why are we allowing fear and negativity to consume us?

Both of these feelings are insanely valid, but continuing to focus on it is only going to bring more of it around. I think it's time we start really thinking about what matters most to us. Focus on what it is that we can control right now, rather than exhausting our energy on things that have yet to come. The more we try and fixate on what "could" happen, will only increase the probability of that actually happening.

It breaks my heart to hear and see those that have lost their jobs or have been infected by this virus, and I am not going to sit here and act like I know what those individuals are going through. What I can do, is do what I can. Find ways to support, give to those who are in need, keep my distance and continue being very health-conscious.

Now on the other side, I want to shed some light of what I see this doing for our entire world.

This is such a humbling experience. Although unfortunate, it is very humbling and in my opinion, much needed.

Prior to this, many people said they just didn't ever have time.

..Well now, many of you do and are still finding something to complain about. People have asked for it, now they've got it and STILL aren't doing anything with it. Did it come wrapped how you had imagined it? Nope. But it IS there.

Many are losing their minds that they are getting cabin fever and want to go outside, however, when they were able to, they spent that time on their phones the whole time anyways. People are ACTUALLY getting to know the people they share their homes with. They are enjoying a home cooked meal and conversations with those they love so much.

People are now focusing on being more active and seeing the benefits of breathing in the outdoors and going for walks.

We always seem to want what we cannot have and find ways to paint a picture of how great life looks "when" everything falls into place.

I believe this virus has given us all quite the wake up call that things really aren't as bad as we thought and we truly don't know what the future holds. This was a needed reality check that we cannot just wait for things to fall into place and we need to start paying attention to the present.

We aren't sure what the future is going to bring or what is going to happen next, but I know what it is that I can do....and you should, too.

Take a look in the mirror. Focus on what it is that you can control, which are as follows:

-I CAN control the way I treat people

-I CAN control what it is that I do with my time

-I CAN control the way I treat myself

-I CAN control my daily habits

-I CAN control where I place my energy

-I CAN control what I choose to listen to, watch, be around, consume, spend, do and not do.

...I think you are getting my point. I understand it is a lot easier said than done. It's hard to feel all peppy and hype in such a crisis, but that to me is yet again where the beauty lies....

If you can condition yourself in times like these, imagine how much better life will be when we come out of this storm. So many of us were living in negativity before this and now trying to justify why they get to feel more negative now.

We shouldn't be looking at it that way. This is where the mental conditioning needs to happen. This is why we need to take this time more than ever before to work on ourselves and start making it a priority to control our thoughts and habits.

...And lastly, I think this storm has brought major restoration.

Has anyone else noticed how different the air smells when you walk outside? How much brighter everything looks? How much more active nature seems to be?

We aren't out there destroying it because we are spending all of this time inside. There isn't as much pollution happening. I'm in awe of how much everything has needed a chance to rest...not just us.

We as humans have begun to take advantage of the little things in life. ..What TRULY matters.

We've had to actually slow down and think for a change. We've had a chance to recognize where are priorities have been and maybe shouldn't have been. We've had a chance to see what all it is that we really have taken for granted.

So again, although I know that we are not all in the same boat during this storm, there is one thing we do all have in common...and that is a choice.

Let's choose to look at this as a learning experience. Let's choose to look at this as a blessing that brought us closer to one another and remind us of what is right in front of us. Let's use this tough time to embrace gratitude and ownership rather than blame, hate and misery.

Remember all, this too shall pass. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep going! Sitting in the center of that tunnel isn't going to make that light appear. We need to keep moving through that tunnel. Keep searching for the light!

...and even if for some reason in the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO that this is it, would you really want to spend it miserable?

"If we change our minds, the world around us will change."

I really hope this lightens your soul when you read this and if you could please do me a favor and share this with someone, maybe this can help spread the virus of love and positivity that we all need instead!

With Love, Gratitude and Hope,

Coach Jayme

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