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Perception of First Impressions

A couple of days ago, I posted a video in my Facebook group asking what it was that first stood out to them when meeting someone or interacting with someone for the first time. Many said that they recognized the other person's smile, their eyes, body language, spirit and even their energy.

It really had me our first impression with a stranger really about them or does it have to do with ourselves?

In my opinion, you read others based on your own judgement scale, interpretation, emotion and opinion. Think about it, if you are having a really bad day ( or as I call it, a "character-building day" *wink wink*), odds are that you are more consumed in whatever it is that is stressing you out. I feel as though this would bring crazy high expectations for the person about to cross paths with you to seem "impressive" to you.

I hope this is starting to paint the picture of what I'm getting at...

Think of how many things you become lenient on when you are in a good mood. You tend to show more empathy and patience towards a customer service situation, buffering internet video, etc. This is just PART ONE to how it has to do with you and not the other person.

The second part....

Have you ever noticed that you have "your type of people" and sometimes there are individuals you barely know that instantly can fit that category?

I believe it is because you are attracted to them and the qualities that they hold similar to you.


They carry characteristics and traits that you would like to carry yourself.

If there is something you dislike about the other person, that's an excellent indication that they probably are showing you the things you dislike about yourself.

Are ya catchin my drift?

When a female "hates" on another female, it is usually out of jealousy...They see beauty in the other person and because it doesn't meet how they recognize their own beauty, they try REALLY hard to seek out flaws in that person to lessen her beauty...which leads this individual to thinking they now can feel better about themselves because with these flaws, this person can be more like them.

Same goes for a male with their fitness or financial status....mothers comparing themselves to one another...the list is endless.

So to tie this all back together, what you like or dislike about someone else, says more about your perception of yourself than it does about them.

Keep in mind, there are always other variables that come into play and as stated, this is just my personal opinion.

I challenge you to think about this the next time you first meet someone. Heck, even try it with someone you've known forever!

Ask yourself:

-What kind of mood am I in right now?

-Why am I REALLY annoyed by this person?

-Why is it that I am so much happier around this person?

-Do I carry these qualities?

-Do I WISH to carry these qualities?

-Do I struggle with this area?

-Why am I feeling envious?

-Where is my confidence level in that area that I'm envying them?

-Is this really about them or is it about me?

I'd love to hear others thoughts on this as well!

Welcome to one of many pondering moments that I shall begin to share with you all!

Oh! If you would like to join my Facebook group for motivation and wellness purposes, please join us!

Speak soon and God bless!!

**With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

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