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"Off With Their Heads!" -Queen of Hearts

"Off with their heads!"

-Queen of Hearts

❣Yup...that used to be me. Ruthless. If you had done me wrong, disappointed me, or made a mistake, I would write you off...right there in that moment.


❣Angry. "What do I need them for anyway?"


❣People make mistakes. My brokenness was pushing away those people who cared and were trying to be supportive. When they started growing too close to me, I sought out a flaw to send them "off with their heads."

-It was easier. I was already hurting terribly and taking on more of a broken heart would only inflict more pain.

....But remember those moments, I saw it as "savage." I was "too strong" for them. THEY were the weak ones.

👑But a true Queen will adjust her crown...become wiser.

👑I did just that.

You can, too!

Let me show you how!

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