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Live. Learn. Forgive. Repeat.


It takes a lot to be able to forgive. Our pride easily gets in the way. But here's the thing... Many think that forgiveness means that you go back to how things were as if nothing ever happened in whatever situation caused you the pain.

Think of it like this:

If you get burned from touching a hot stove, you don't just stop using the stove or pretend nothing ever happened.

You store it in your mind and are aware that you will get burned if you are careless or attempt again whatever that burned you last time.

But you let it go. It doesn't weigh on your mind all day that the stove is hot. It doesn't consume you. You proceed with caution or just use it differently.

You can forgive someone or a situation by not letting the hurt they caused you consume you. You are aware of how it made you feel. You can allow them to continue on and if you cross paths with them, you can acknowledge but keep on cookin' (pun intended😉)! Free yourself from it.

Live. Learn. Forgive. Repeat.

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