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Don't You Dare Miss Out!


Oh it feel so good....but wait-does it?

If we feel so good in comfort, then why do we still seem to struggle? Why do we still want more?

Natural instincts.

Survival mode kicks in. That's our body's way of protecting us from harm.

....but what if that instinct is wrong and there actually isn't harm at all? The harm, in fact, could be lying in staying in tour "comfort."

Listen to your gut, but don't be afraid just because it may seem difficult or cause a little bit of discomfort.

What's the worst that can happen?

Let me leave you with this and take it as you wish....

It is a kick in the teeth but also an amazingly exciting thought all in one....are you ready for it?....

Life. Goes. On.

The world won't stop because of one decision you've made. owe it to yourself. Go do something great.

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme 💖

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