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Do You Know Balance?


This is probably one of the most complicated words for me.⁣

Sometimes I believe it doesn't exist.⁣

Other times, to me, balance carries a different meaning and is subject to the current season you are in.⁣


Something I've never been good at.⁣

Intensity. That's always been my thing. ⁣

High-paced, high-energy with a hustle that never ever stops. Burn outs were pretty consistent.⁣

Balance. ⁣

One of the hardest words to take into action. ⁣

Many of us live in a society that constantly tells us what life is supposed to be and what is supposed to make us happy. It also makes us feel that if we aren't slaving away, we are lazy.⁣

A new concept has begun for me this week. Presence. Patience. Calmness.⁣

We can't run constantly on fumes and expect to thrive.⁣

What ways do you struggle at finding balance?⁣

What actions do you take to create balance in your chaotic world?

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

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