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Do You Color Outside the Lines?

Remember as kids when we were told to focus on coloring in the lines?⁣

The picture was already in place for us. In the simpler coloring books, it was just one large image with no backgrounds.⁣

Upon completing the picture, if you stayed within the lines, it was clean, crisp and very clear on what the image was.⁣..

-But did you ever notice the plain, boring, and blank background that lied around it?⁣

Up close, the image was great. You were proud for doing what you were supposed to do and what was "supposed" to be the right way to color that picture...based off of someone else's images/idea...

I never would have thought that anything could have been created on the blank space or could have "looked good" to add to it.⁣

...I was sheltered to the opportunity and the beauty that blank space provided.⁣

Now, I have recognized what phenomenal things lie outside of the coloring lines and oh what a wonderful view it has been. Sometimes messy, but so much more appreciation, color, and excitement has been created!⁣

What are some things you've done to "color outside of the lines?"⁣

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