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10 Habits to Eliminate for Positive Transformation

We all know that there are many things that we should be doing that will help get us closer to our goals, but when is the last time you have taken a look at the bad habits that you should be eliminating?

Not only is it essential for growth to cut off dead weight, but it also is important because keeping these habits around will actually take up time and energy that you could be dedicating to the new, positive habits!

So let's dig in, shall we?

1. STOP Checking Your Phone When You First Wake Up and Right Before You Go To Bed!

I used to be insanely guilty of this.

For one, the lighting from the screen will tell your brain to stay awake so it will be harder for you to fall into a deep sleep. It also increases stress to the brain when placing that activity on it while you are trying to rest.

Secondly, in the morning, you now are more focused on what negativity the world has to offer, the tasks you need to complete, or the fires you have to put out for the day. This instantly will make you overwhelmed, loss of motivation, and quick to anger.

Give yourself even just fifteen minutes to wake up and choose how you will let the day go, rather than a message on your phone to determine that for you. Again, I was guilty of this. I would wake up, still be in bed and the first message I would see is something that would cause stress. I wouldn't even have had a chance to assess anything and already I would be triggered into a bad mood!

Some things to do instead:

>Get up and write down what you are grateful for.

>Meditate, read some scripture, do some breathing exercises

>Drink a glass of water-even if you are a morning coffee person.

In the evening:

>Put your phone on the charger across the room before you lie down for bed

>Keep your phone/tablet in another room or out of reach from your bed

2. STOP Doing Anything In Your Bed Other Than Sleep (Or Sexy Time)!

Our society has adapted to the norm of having televisions in practically every single room of the house.

I personally would suggest getting rid of your TV in your bedroom. You will not get as good of a night's rest if you are sleeping with the TV on and are staying up later because you want to watch "just one more episode" of your favorite show.

This also leads to some who even will eat while they are in bed.

I'm all about "self care" but if you are eating...while watching your bed, you are now mindlessly munching on unnecessary calories and feeling blah because you just keep eating and now somehow seem to feel more tired. This will also lead to more time being spent lying around than completing those tasks that you said "You don't have time" to do.

This may be insanely hard for some, but I PROMISE this will increase your overall quality of life more than you realize.

3. STOP Hitting the Snooze Button!

I know...I get it.

Just five more minutes and you will feel rested enough or awake enough to get out of bed.


You are only setting yourself up to be even more tired because your body now is trying to come out of that deep sleep. You have been awakened and now by snoozing, you are starting to fall back into a deep sleep,causing the body to try to go through the process all over again.

Yes. It's hard. I know.

You have a quick three seconds to make this decision. CHOOSE to get up anyway.

4. STOP Consuming Caffeine in the Last Quarter of Your Day!

There's so much work to be done. You are DRAGGING that last portion of the day. You feel like you NEED that coffee or energy drink just to make it through that final stretch.

Avoid caving!!

This will yet again be another factor that will prevent you from having a restful night's sleep, which will then cause you to want to start that next day by hitting the snooze button...and the vicious cycle continues.

We train our brains to feel as though we absolutely need it because we have created that habit and we tell ourselves we can't do without. Trust me, you can.

Many of us give far too much credit to coffee and far too little of credit to what proper rest and nourishment can do for us. Stop telling yourself you need it. The first few days may be rough, but watch what happens when you start to wake up feeling better because of the rest you have received.

5. STOP Having Your Phone Out While You Eat And/Or During Conversation!

Not only is it rude to have your phone out while someone else is talking, but it is also pretty messy to be texting while you are eating.

You've been swamped at work and haven't had a chance to scroll the 'Book to see what Sally's family vacation looks only have this chance over lunch.

...okay sorry, that may have sounded harsh, but it is true. We come up with reasons why we HAVE to check our phone and claim it is because someone important might be trying to get a hold of us or you are waiting for an email, but then all of a sudden it strikes up the perfect time to start scrollin...

This now has kept us from being fully present in the conversation we are having with someone. This makes it seem as though what they are saying does not even matter-even if you are the absolute best at multitasking.

Secondly, you now probably won't be feeling very satiated with your meal or will end up eating way more than you should. This is because you aren't being very present here either. It may sound silly, but in reality, your mind is now not even aware of what you are doing because your focus is not on what you are consuming, but instead the phone.

Use this time to actually taste what you are eating...slow down your chewing and enjoy that moment. Let your body realize what you are giving it.

6. DELETE or UNFOLLOW Anyone or Anything On Your Social Media That Is Negative or You Are Constantly Comparing Yourself To!

Everyone loves to show their highlight reel through social media. Everyone is out there "Livin their best lives" and taking pictures for everyone to see.

There are some super spectacular apps out there as well to really make us look younger, slimmer, tanner, etc.

No wonder so many of us feel like failures or not living life the right way!

I'm going to tell you right now... you are only tormenting yourself. Even if you see that person as your role model, if you are constantly comparing yourself to them and seem to be cutting down your own success and progress because it doesn't look like theirs, that is toxic.

You are on your own journey and it is great to be inspired, but when you start to obsess over or not feel worthy because you aren't living like their highlight reel, it is time to remove them from your eyesight. Keep things in front of you that will motivate you or make you feel better about yourself-not worse!

7. STOP Saying, "I'll Start On Monday!"

The truth behind procrastination is that whatever it is that you are procrastinating on, just isn't a priority. Period.

You keep putting off those things you desire or should be getting done due to fear, comfort in complacency, or playing the victim.

If you truly are ready for a change, you will make it happen right now. If you fall off from something and are determined to conquer that thing, you will get right back up. You won't settle for prolonging the pain of where you are now when you know there's somewhere else you'd rather be.

So stop making excuses or lessening the priority of what it is you want to change.

Whether you experienced a setback or are scared,! Start right now...NEVER wait until Monday because when Monday comes, you just gave yourself the easy out to push that item even further down on your priority list.

Remember, if it truly matters to you, you won't wait or treat it as if it isn't a priority. Get out of your own way!

8. STOP Getting Involved In Other People's Business and Gossip!

We all have our own demons to deal with. We all have our moments we aren't so proud of. We all have certain areas of our lives we are struggling in or are working through.

It is wasted energy involving yourself in other's business. You could be spending that time and energy towards something that can help uplift others, yourself, or even keep you focused on what it is you are trying to improve in your life.

Not only is it wasted energy, but it is negativity you are presenting into your own bubble by speaking on situations that do not concern you. If someone wants to confide in you, try and give positive feedback.

When that is not something you are able to do, always remember, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

9. STOP Going Into Your Day Without a Plan!

I know some people can't stand to have an itinerary and like to live in the moment. I do believe it is important to learn how to be open to what life will bring, but it is not going to get you closer to your goals if you don't even have a plan in place.

Everyone is going to have a different way that they will plan or how they function best with the structure of their planning, but it is important to still at least have a decent road map on what you will be doing that day, that week, etc.

Think of it this way...if you have kids, you have to make sure you have a plan on who is going to watch them and how you will get them once you are done with work, correct? That's pretty important obviously for many reasons such as you would need that to be able to go to work and to have something consistent set up to keep your job.

Your goals and expectations on what you desire for you and also for your family, should be just as important as finding someone to watch those kids and knowing how to pick them up.

My point is...don't just wake up, go to work, come home and start all over again. No ounce of that will do anything but keep you where you are.

We should always be working on ourselves and constantly growing. It is important to do frequent self-assessments. Learn what works for you and what doesn't. Write down your plans and tasks that you want to complete each day. This will not only hold you accountable to get things done, but also keep you aware of what you need to do and focus on to get to the next level. This goes for all categories of your life.

10. STOP Ignoring/No-Showing Appointments, Meetings, and Events!

To wrap up the habits of things to stop doing, this one is a big deal for many of reasons.

Let's start with the reputation it gives to others of you. Life happens and some things are out of our control. However, we all have our phones in our hands constantly so communication is the easiest it has ever been!

Showing respect to those you have expressed your commitment to, even if it is something you don't want to do, at least give the common courtesy of stating if you will be late or aren't able to make it in a timely manner. People make time for the things they want to make time for and we all are busy. Give others the same respect you would want given to you. Time is something that is very valuable to us all so make sure to respect and honor it.

The more and more you disrespect this, it lessens your sense of character to those around you.

On the other side of it, think of your own time. If you don't want to go or won't go, respect yourself enough to say no. Stop placing guilt and bad feelings on yourself. It is an extra amount of stress that is unnecessary. People appreciate honesty and if you can be polite about it, I promise you that people will be glad you communicated with them rather than just not showing up. This can help prevent conflict, disconnect and even miscommunication if we are clear on our intentions and place acknowledgement of respect to one another's time.

I hope these were able to bring some value and enlightenment to you and look forward to hearing your feedback!

As always, if there are areas that you are struggling with and are needing guidance to get through, please click the link below!!

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Jayme

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