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Coach Jayme

As an individual who once was very bitter, negative, and believed that because it could "always be worse," I downplayed the adversities I overcame and accepted that being average/settling was just how it was supposed to be.

Throughout my journey of some major lows, I had shifted my own mindset and decided that I am just as capable as anyone else in this world to make an impact and that burning feeling in my chest of greatness was totally in reach!

It was time for me to break down the walls of mediocrity, and unleash that beast of who I really was from within!

Since then, I have dedicated  my life to changing, adding value, and impacting as many lives as humanly possible. We all deserve to be heard, understood, and recognized for what we have to offer to this world!

YOU carry something unique that the world needs more of and YOU are capable of greatness as well!


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